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Take Action

Together we can make a difference. Our voices matter. Use yours, here's how! 

Register To Vote

If you're a U.S. Citizen and a resident of Tennessee, start here!

Assembly Hall


Contact your State Legislators

Tell your Representatives how to better represent you. Abortion is a medical term and women are being denied medical access. Go to this link, type in your address, find your Representatives. 

#Healthcareforwomen #BansOffOurBodies #Abortionaccess #womenandchildrenservices 


Contact your Governor

Governor Bill Lee insist that there is protection for women in the event of medical abortion needs. Doctors are refusing care because the law is unclear and abortion is a Class C Felony. Here is how to contact him, scroll way down. Don't be offended if he doesn't respond we have left lots of messages. 

Image by Maddie Burke
Image by Mark Vision


City/County Commissioners.Mayors & District Attorney


U.S. House Representative

This is how you contact your House Representative.

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Out of State?

Contact your Representatives

Go to this link, type in your address, and find your Representatives. 

#Healthcareforwomen #BansOffOurBodies #Abortionaccess #womenandchildrenservices 

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