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They said it wouldn't happen....

by Hanah May - Thursday, October 20, 2022

Breaking news Chattanooga doctor sends pregnant patient to North Carolina for life-saving abortion! I am not sure if FOX News likes to sensationalize the word abortion in order to make it sound horrific or if they are simply using the word as medical professionals do. The truth is the terminology for this medical procedure has been demonized even when it is necessary for the life of the mother. I always thought that the term D&C was used when medically necessary, I guess I was wrong. Let's just chalk that up to the many other things I have been wrong about when it comes to this issue and women's rights. The biggest one in bold was that I never thought that women's rights would be revoked and we would have to fight for our lives when things go wrong.

In an article written by Kate Zernike on Oct. 18, 2022, in the New York Times, Kate writes that major medical societies, and medical billing codes, define abortion as any procedure that terminates a pregnancy — whether that pregnancy is wanted or unwanted, whether a woman is seeking the procedure to clean out her uterus after a miscarriage, or because of a dire fetal diagnosis, or to terminate a pregnancy that she had not expected. “An abortion is an abortion is an abortion,” said Dr. Louise King, an obstetrician-gynecologist and bioethicist at Harvard Medical School.

Anti-abortion lawmakers and groups disagree, arguing that it’s abortion only if the woman or her medical provider elects to end the pregnancy. This generally means that terminating a pregnancy in a dire medical situation is acceptable while terminating an unwanted pregnancy is not.

The bottom line, women will die because lawmakers can't see the big picture and we are being used politically. Politics and healthcare don't mix. This isn't political it's personal.

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