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Alison Durkee - Forbes Staff Apr 11, 2023,10:13am EDT Take Action - Contact lawmakers.

We need access to medical abortion

We want access to abortions up to ________ weeks. Insert what you believe to be the best option. The consensus is that Six weeks is too early, and that somewhere in between 18 and 20 weeks is better. This is the hottest part of the topic. No one I have spoke to ever agrees that abortions should be allowed up to the time of birth. I don't personally know of anyone who has had a "late term" abortion yet I know many that have had an abortion early on in their pregnancy UNLESS there was a medical reason supporting the abortion.

Most everyone agrees that up until a certain time period (the fill in the blank option) abortion should be accessible.This is where we need to come together. Interesting finds on development - The Guardian 2022 - pregnancy tissue. 9/30/21 pregnancy at 8 weeks . First trimester: Kaiser Permanente. Critics Fear Abortion Bans 6/22/22.

We want access to abortion for rape and incest.

We don't want women or children to be re-victimized in the event of rape or incest.

We want access to abortion for all non-viable pregnancies.

We want access/choice to abort in the event of fetal abnormalities which would most likely end in the death of a child and/or mother.

We want access/choice to abort in the event of fetal abnormalities.

We want to insure that birth control options are available and accessible to all.

We want the best possible healthcare for women in Tennessee (we were rated one of the LOWEST even before the BAN)

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