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Texas woman almost dies because she couldn’t get an abortion.

By Elizabeth Cohen and John Bonifield, CNN

Updated 9:44 PM EST, Wed November 16, 2022

Story highlights:

  • The loss of a ‘miracle’ baby

  • Texas anti-abortion laws -When a woman’s water breaks, she’s at high risk for a life-threatening infection. While Amanda and Josh’s baby – they named her Willow – was sure to die, she still had a heartbeat, and so doctors said that under Texas law, they were unable to terminate the pregnancy.

  • Going downhill very fast. After her water broke, Amanda’s doctors sent her home and told her to watch for signs of infection, and that only when she was “considered sick enough that my life was at risk” would they terminate the pregnancy, Amanda said.“My doctor said it could take hours, it could take days, it could take weeks,” she remembers.

  • antibiotics wouldn’t stop the bacterial infection raging through her body.

  • “These barbaric laws prevented her from getting any amount of health care when she needed it, until it was at a life-threatening moment,”

Tennessee also has "barbaric laws".

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