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"Run Happy!" - IRONMAN 70.3

"Knowing that the New Suffragettes love empowering and supporting other humans, I thought this would be a perfect fit for our group to come out and cheer on these incredible competitors." Shelley

"Run Happy", are thoughts that one of our own, Shelley shared when she ran a recent marathon. She shared that the words "Run Happy" were her mantra, and they resonated with this volunteer. As she shared those words and intentions at a planning meeting I tucked those words into my soul. I am a true believer that everything you do should be in "happy" mode as greatness is accomplished when one is in good spirits.

When Shelley pitched the volunteer opportunity for Ironman to be honest this complete spaz was on board yet completely freaked out. My head began to spin with thoughts such as, "What if I trip them?". I squashed those negative thoughts and agreed that this was a fantastic opportunity. To be honest, I wasn't convinced it would be fun, but I was dam sure I'd do my best to make it so no matter what!. I thought of those words Run Happy and decided to Serve Happy!

Having complete faith in our captains for this event Shelley and Amy (our sunshine visionary), both athletes, both experienced, my fear of inadequacy to serve was wiped away. I got super excited once the theme was pitched, rainbows! Rainbows are HAPPY! We all got super excited and began gathering rainbowesk-themed wear and props for our decorations. It was the spark I needed to go forth. They absolutely created a fun, inviting, fabulously functioning, and most importantly encouraging space. The smiles that we experienced, the words of gratitude from the athletes, and the complete looks of joy from the runners were so uplifting to me, and to us! I chanted those words Run Happy and they smiled as the whooshed passed me!

"Having volunteered with over 10 Ironman events, I am always inspired to see the athletes pushing themselves to new limits and giving it all they have. I love watching people succeed and embrace their greatness." Shelley

We hosted Aid Station #3 and created "The Happiest Aid Station". We invited everyone to wear bright colors, wear fun hats, and tutus, dress up, and decorate our station with encouraging signs. We had happy, positive music, a bubble machine, and a cheerful, hard-working crew of 40 volunteers! (19-80+ years old)

Ironman volunteer coordinator Alex “I want you to know that your aid station received countless compliments from our staff; you were enthusiastic, cheerful, helpful, kept your area clean (which our crew ALWAYS appreciates), and most of all, had FUN!! Thank you again for all your effort in really making sure our athletes had a great experience."

There were thousands of Ironman participants, most likely sharing many different points of view, yet we were all one.

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