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Post Roe: The Fall of Privacy

Would you be surprised to know you lost privacy due to the Dobbs decision? Roe's fall has affected us in ways some people initially didn't understand. There have been serious intrusions into the lives of citizens in our state and many others. Medical records in our state have already been shared without the patient's knowledge.

HIPPA, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, Public Law 104-191, was enacted on August 21, 1996. It was enacted in part because of Roe vs. Wade decision. A patient's right to privacy was part of its argument. But 50 years later, we live in a world where doctors have conversations with their patients they never imagined having when they took the hippocratic oath. Conversations much like, I'm sorry, I could and should be able to help you because your pregnancy is non-viable (or life-threatening), but I have to wait for you to get so sick you might die before I can help you. Some women have even lost the ability to have children due to their lack of medical care since Roe vs. Wade was overturned. Photo credit Simran Sood

The hard facts are that 1-in-3 pregnancies end in miscarriage because something goes wrong. The same issues can occur in later trimesters as well. In states like Tennessee, women don't have to imagine this scenario presented above; it is a reality. Doctors should be able to help women and keep them healthy.

We don't suggest that pregnant women from states that have enacted trigger-ban laws travel far beyond their state's boarder's because, heaven forbid, something goes wrong. They could be accused of nefarious things. In states where trigger bans have gone into place, a woman's reproductive healthcare is no longer private, not even in other states where there is no ban on any female reproductive choices. Ones privacy is no longer sacred.

Wanna do more than just voting for State Representatives that support Women's Reproductive Health Care? Here are 5 simple steps you can make to turn that down time into DO time: 1. Let those in office that do not support women know that change needs to happen! we suggest that 2. Residents of trigger ban states should look to book trips and vacations out of state if you are planning a domestic vacation. 3. Be loud about why you are spending your vacation dollars in a state that supports women's privacy and right to healthcare using the hashtag #HerSafeState 4. Call out TN reps by using the hashtag #makeTNsafe for any post that reflects on the lack of compassion from Tennessee government. 5. Use #EqualRightsEscapes WHEN the state you visit practices policies that support equal rights for ALL.

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