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Jaci remembers the doctors' ultimate word: "The best advice we can give you, is to go sit in the parking lot until you bleed out, and we will be ready to help you when that happens." - quote from People Magazine article

People Magazine, NPR, Twitter, even the UK Daily Mail have picked up this horrific story of medical negligence to a young mother of three. State laws forbid Doctors to save a life!

Folks, this is not the answer. The Birther movement harms more than it helps! This beautiful woman, mother of three, had a non-viable molar pregnancy. See links to her story followed by several news sources below. This has to end. Forced birth is not the answer and no one should die when we have the resources and knowledge to save lives.

In a nutshell, from a post that the Cleveland Clinic made, linked above - A molar pregnancy is not viable and must be removed from the body. Typically a D&C is performed (dilation and curettage) to remove all abnormal tissue from the uterus. The cells of a molar pregnancy can become malignant and spread into the muscle layers surrounding the uterus. A mandatory hysterectomy can be necessary. A molar pregnancy can be cancerous and would be treated by radiation or chemotherapy. When treated promptly most women can have a normal pregnancy going forward and have a normal life. Common symptoms are:

  • Vaginal bleeding within the first three months of pregnancy.

  • Severe nausea and vomiting.

  • Grape-like cysts coming out of your vagina.

  • Preeclampsia (extremely high blood pressure).

  • Abnormally high HCG levels.

  • Abdominal swelling.

  • Anemia.

A molar pregnancy is never viable and must be treated by a medical professional.

How can you help? Keep the pressure on. Tell Lawmakers that you are not ok with

Forced Birth. Take Action. Write, call, email, let your voice be heard.

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