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There are NO EXCEPTIONS to the Trigger Ban Law outlawing all abortions in Tennessee.

There are NO EXCEPTIONS to the Trigger Ban Law outlawing all abortions in Tennessee. NO exceptions! None. When the bill was considered in the legislature, lawmakers specifically asked whether the language included exceptions; they were told (deceptively) that the law did include exceptions for the life and health of the mother. This was not true, as Tennessee’s women have now discovered during their most frightening and vulnerable moments of pregnancy.

Doctors performing an abortion in TN will be assumed guilty of a Class C felony until they can prove in court that they were acting in a medical emergency to save the life of the mother (this is called “affirmative defense”). This disrupts the relationship between pregnant people and their trusted medical providers during a medical crisis. The situation puts mothers at risk of severe complications, even death.

This Tuesday (3/21/23), the TN House of Representatives will vote on an amendment that creates some critical exceptions to the Trigger Ban Law Please CALL your representatives and let them know mothers need and deserve access to life-saving abortion healthcare right here in TN. TAKE ACTION

Not all women can afford to travel out of state for proper care—even to save their own lives. We need to amend the law here in Tennessee!

Please contact your TN House Representative immediately to express your support for this legislation. Need help finding your representatives go to the TAKE ACTION TAB

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Keep calling and emailing your legislators, and ask them to support HB883 as amended on Valentine's Day 2/14/23. This bill, as passed by the House Health Population Subcommittee, creates meaningful exceptions for the life AND health of mothers AND for fatal fetal anomalies.

Abortion is a medical term. The word Abortion is being stigmatized. The definition of Abortion is the termination of a pregnancy either by natural causes, medical assistance when necessary, or by choice. We must reframe this narrative, this is about reproductive health.

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