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"My loss of rights makes me more afraid of becoming pregnant."

Those were the words my daughter shared with me.

My son-in-law and daughter scheduled a family meeting with us shortly before Roe vs Wade was overturned. They told us they were ready to start a family yet were concerned and had begun the search to move to another state. I'll be honest, I did not handle it well. I really felt that our justice system would prevail. I thought we were safe and that our rights would not be taken away. I had faith that Doctors would not deny healthcare if a woman needed it, and would not allow women to go septic or force her to carry an unviable pregnancy.

I was wrong, I should have fought sooner, I should have seen the writing on the wall.

This is why today I fight to galvanize public support to actively promote human rights policies that ensure privacy, healthcare, and reproductive autonomy. Why I stand to defend our right to own and control our bodies. Why I believe that the separation of church and state is crucial. New Suffragettes

Having a child is a very exciting, beautiful thing, and it's scary. I remember when I learned I was pregnant again I was so anxious. I lost my first child to a miscarriage that required a D&C due to bleeding. My sisters both had multiple miscarriages that required medical attention.

When I learned I was pregnant I was both excited and extremely anxious. I/we didn't tell anyone until it was obvious I was pregnant. I worried about what I ate, what activities I did, and every odd ache and pain. When I found out I was having twins I prayed for what felt like every minute of the day and night that both babies would be ok.

My care was interrupted as we moved during our pregnancy and I had to get set up with new pregnancy management. I opted for a midwife group. At the time I did not know I was having twins and found out at 5 months. This is when I had my first and only ultrasound, that is how we knew we were having twins.

When I went into labor at 37.5 weeks and gave birth we almost lost one of our babies as my daughters experienced twin-to-twin transfusion in the womb. The Doctor nor the midwives did not catch this prior to delivery. In fact, I was supposed to be on bed rest that day as I was dilated and was advised to rest so that I would not deliver quite yet.

Having ADHD can be a good thing, and in this case, it was. I couldn't rest and I walked that day, quite a bit actually. I went into labor later that night and if I had not my daughter would not have made it. It was a miracle that she survived. She was gray and was kept in ICU for almost two days and it felt like years. The stress that we experienced was so intense.

I share this story because pregnancy is beautiful and frightening all at the same time. Every mother that has ever carried a child has had concerns along the way. Compound that with the fear and the fact that she could also be denied proper healthcare. That she could be forced to carry an unviable pregnancy and/or she could die.

The devastation a mother/parent feels when losing a child is dreadful. To force a non-viable birth upon someone or deny them proper healthcare during pregnancy is cruel and inhuman.

Know your candidates. Vote for those on the local level. Vote for those that have proven track records that they believe in and will enforce human rights policies, and believe in the right to privacy, healthcare, and reproductive autonomy. That they will defend the right for each person to own and control their bodies and will commit to upholding the separation of church and state.

In Tennessee check out your legislatures here and get the app for your phone here. Share

Just a bit more info, an article written in 2019 by KFF (Kaiser Family Foundation)a nonprofit organization focusing on national health issues.

How does Roe vs Wade being overturned affect you? Share with us. Share our mission with others. Join us in our quest for reproductive rights and body autonomy.

Cautionary thought: The date of your LMP - last menstrual period is your personal information not to be shared with anyone.

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