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May: Mental Health Month

Updated: May 31

Women are over half the world's population. Historically and to date, women typically do the majority of work at home and in the workplace. In some States women no longer have access to life-saving healthcare. The pressures of daily survival with these added concerns weigh heavily upon women and their mental health. Women's stress levels have increased by 10% on top of all the stress we already were under. Women's suicide rates will increase as restriction to reproductive healthcare decreases. Not having the ability to make decisions you and your doctor know to best for your health is absurd. For example being forced to carry a child to term can be life threatening in some cases. Some women cannot bear that burden physically and/or emotionally. After reading the stories of women scared mentally and physically because of the overturning of Roe vs. Wade, one can not help feel broken hearted for those who have already suffered.

We must hold out hope that common sense policies will be enacted soon. Ladies must stay strong for our families, friends, and communities. Stand up, and contact your representative. We must vote too. We must also hold onto hope. Seek out the community where you can voice your concerns and be listened to. You are not alone. Find your tribe. You might find yours by contacting the New Suffragettes and joining our mission of keeping women and their families safe.

Click here to learn more about the state of women's health since Roe was overturned.

LIFE AFTER ROE JUNE 24, 2022 The Necessity of Hope Things are bad. They will get worse. But despair has never been an option. By Rebecca Traiste

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