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Intimate Partner Violence/Domestic on the rise since Roe fell.

When Roe fell, many states banned abortion care. The Domestic abuse hotline surged showing an increase of 100% more calls from prior years. Intimate Partner Violence has been on the rise and is directly related to unwanted pregnancies. Statistics show that women, including those under 15, are often trapped in controlling relationships that force them to have unprotected sex. The methods used could be the destruction of birth control, stealthing, or coercive/ forced unprotected sex. It's all about control. Statically, 1-8 women are victims of Domestic Violence. This article, The link between a lack of reproductive rights and domestic violence, published July 14, 2023, by Amma Nawaz and Shoshanna Dubnow on, is very enlightening.

Predators are manipulative and sometimes women have no idea that they are victims of reproductive coercion. Many of those women are young without much life experience. There are men that perpetrate stealth as they remove a condom during sex without the other person's consent or lie about having put one on in the first place. As time goes on, the violence becomes obvious. It's about control and manipulation.

Women who are victims of domestic violence suffer greatly, many quietly. Forced sex is any time a partner insists on having sex when another partner is not willing. Predators will hide, withhold, or damage birth control methods and insist on unprotected sex.

The victims of abuse are often so fearful and embarrassed that they do not reach out. When unwanted pregnancy occurs, these victims are continually abused, and often, the abuse becomes more severe, even to the point of death, and often with significant lifelong damage to the victim. The children born of domestic abuse are also victims, as many are neglected due to the psychological damage the mother endured during pregnancy and her state of emotional loss. Postpartum depression is a major factor in Domestic Violence cases.

When a state denies Women's Reproductive Healthcare, the dominoes fall and fast! There was a reason that Roe was enacted and, for 50 years, protected many women and children. Take Action and urge your representatives to codify abortion rights in your state.

The children of unwanted pregnancies suffer. Studies show that unwanted children suffer mentally, and the cycle continues.

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