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Hero - are you hungry?

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

vegan hero - "meaty" is being full of substance or interest; satisfying.

photo credit: Frederick Medina

I'm a foodie. My favorite thing to do on vacation is exploring eateries. I stay away from chains and look for hidden jewels. Food trucks, street vendors, hole in the walls (as they say). Hero sandwiches are one of my hunts. A vegan hero, well, that is a particular joy. In Chattanooga, Home Slice makes the yummiest vegan hero. You would never know it's vegan. They call it a Vegan Meatball Sandwich; I call it a hero.

What does it take to make a hero? Well, that depends on what kind of hero you're talking about. In the case of the hero meatball sandwich, I prefer mine with freshly toasted bread and melted cheese with just enough sauce so that it's moist, not mushy.

Most people think of heroes as people who are extraordinary or superhuman. Typically these are strong humans with good qualities. In reality, heroes come in all genders, shapes, and sizes.

In a blog written by Robin N. Hamilton on August 25, 2020, Women’s Rights Movements – The Activists That Made A Difference, Robin writes, "it is important to state that most women’s rights movements are about needs, wants, and choices. Women need to feel secure. Women need to be respected. Women should be able to choose what to wear, where to work, and what to do with their bodies. This list is endless, but it starts at home. You do not need to be an activist or a political figure to make a difference." The blog includes a list of women who have accomplished remarkable achievements.

We need Heroes in Chattanooga, and we need heroes everywhere! We need women and men who believe that all persons should have autonomy over their own bodies. Being a hero doesn't mean that you leap tall buildings in a single bound or are faster than a speeding bullet. It starts by showing up.

YOU matter.


The butterfly effect. Writer Hanna Abdelwahab writes, "The two pertinent things that the butterfly effect teaches us is that small thing's matter, and we are all connected to a bigger system. Our action now, today, would have been the result of a previous action, and this could, in turn, lead to a future action. With one small gesture, you can change somebody's life.

In my opinion, we are in this predicament today because we were complacent, this writer included. The act of NOT doing anything is productive. I was optimistically complacent; I thought that we were safe. That the law that was on the books could not be overturned, and then it was. Looking back, all the signs were there, and only a few saw and did anything about it. Below is an image. Here is the link to a journal article I stumbled upon and found interesting. Share your thoughts, and more importantly, share yourself. Be the change. Stand, walk, chant, write, share, for, and with us. Are you hungry? Be hungry for Justice!

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