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Help is out there

Updated: Jan 21

Denying needed healthcare to women leads to less women in the workforce, less in leadership, less pursuing careers in academia, LESS in the population, and the list goes on.

This is a death panel in any state that does not support that abortion is healthcare. This author can't help to follow the money and believes that this violent act towards persons with a uterus is laced with greed by politicians to earn votes and the pockets of Insurance companies that don't want to pay out. Women's healthcare is a means for them to retain wealth. Add fear into the picture. The fear of women actually being considered as equals and being empowered to be so and you have a delicious ice cream sunday with a cherry on it for radical persons to use for their agendas. It's marketing. You can click on the below images for more information.

Historically women have been considered the weaker sex and men have oppressed them. Shame on any women who does not support other women. Pro-choice means your body your choice. Quite simply.

I hate goat cheese and no one can make me eat it. It's my choice.

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