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Gloria Johnson - an advocate for women's reproductive healthcare. reproductive healthcare.

Updated: Sep 25

The New Suffragettes are non-partisan and just reporting the facts. We support those with a history of supporting women’s reproductive health and equality.

Tennessee Democrat Gloria Johnson has announced she will run against Senator Marsha Blackburn. To those who fear there isn't a hope of Johnson toppling Blackburn, take heart. It appears that Blackburn finds Gloria Johnson to be a major concern, and when an opponent quakes in her red state over competition, hope is found. A quick google search, a glimpse of her posts on X (formerly Twitter), and the multitude of other media posts show Sen. Blackburn unpleasantly characterizing Rep. Gloria Johnson. Some may say, "that's politics", but is it something more?

Across red states, former "safe" Republicans stances on largely unpopular Trigger Ban Laws- which bans abortion in 99.9% of all cases - has been shown to be a huge weakness for politicians. Blackburn is no different, her support and vocal advocacy of these barbaric laws that sentence women to death should complications from their pregnancy occur is one of the more extreme in the country. The New Suffragettes, and the majority of reasonable Tennesseans, are appalled that any person would support such a dangerous law. Some fine women and men who took the time to read the bill had the foresight to see the negative impact it would have on not only women and girls but the entire state and now oppose the law, yet Marsha has no regrets.

Click here for video interview:

Image: Fact - Abortions after viability are rare and are medically necessary.

Image from the video linked.

Gloria's response to Marsha calling her a Socialist is one that clarifies what is truly important in this upcoming election. When asked what her reaction to Blackburns attack, Gloria Johnson responds that, "Marsha knows as much about being a Socialist as she knows about healthcare, Jack!". - she then added an explicative. Gotta love a women who says it as it is with expression!

“Wisdom without compassion is ruthlessness and compassion without wisdom is folly.” Fred Kofman

Gloria Johnson brings competition to a Tennessee race that hasn't been seen in a long time. Gloria speaks with strength and compassion. A women for the people she represents, she's relatable. Her innate big-picture comprehension in addition to her background as an educator and currently as a public servant has reinforced her capabilities and has given her some much-needed wisdom in a state that has suffered from the long reign of Red rule. Rep. Gloria Johnson is a move in the right direction and would help Tennessee shine brightly as a unique and beautiful state filled with wonderful and creative people.

It’s unfortunate that the Republican majority has diminished the shine of Tennessee on the national stage. We need strong leaders who will do the right thing at the right time and pave the way for everyday Tennesseans to have a better life. We need better healthcare for all Tennesseans. Gloria's interests and desires are not solely women's reproductive healthcare, Johnson knows that in order to serve the people of Tennessee, she can't just right wrongs, she has to bring her constituents' actual concerns to the legislative floor.

Get to know this candidate and you will see that her concerns resonate with more than 75% of the people of Tennessee.

Blackburn was instrumental not only in the fall of Roe, she also funneled tax dollars to companies like Comcast over local institutions like EPB- showing she only cares about what her position can get HER, not her constituents. During her term in office Tennessee nas been rated one of the lowest states for healthcare. Currently, Tennessee is quickly becoming a healthcare desert. There are no women's reproductive healthcare options in many communities within the state of Tennessee. Even in our city of Chattanooga, the exodus of Physicians specializing in neonatal and gynecology is staggering. Medical professionals are not willing to come to our state because of the stringent and deadly laws that tie their hands disallowing them to properly care for their patients. This exodus endangers families and harms our economy as well by contributing to a brain drain.

Rep. Gloria Johnson fights for women and children. She knows that we need women's reproductive healthcare and autonomy over our bodies. Johnson has stood up repeatedly for what she knows is responsible law making.

Go to for video coverage and signers of the original Trigger Ban Law - HB1029 & SB1257. I encourage those of you to watch videos on the Tennessee House of Representatives. In the search bar you can type the bills you are looking for. This website is a great tool to see how your Representatives vote and if their actions align with your concerns.

Below is a link to the proposed amendments to the Trigger Ban Law. Once you are on the website you can locate Gloria Johnson repeatedly fighting for women. You will also see other women and men who are fighting for women's reproductive healthcare, those to support and the ones that don't deserve your support as they don't support you.

If you are on TikTok there are a ton of resources as well.

If you want Democracy Vote!

The New Suffragettes back Gloria Johnson.

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