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Frontline females - in the news

Updated: Jul 27

When you see "in the news" in the title of one of our blogs they are mostly copy and posted from various media sources. If you come across a news topic that we have not posted please contact us with the links, text copy is always appreciated as sometimes viewers are unable to obtain the entire story without subscribing.

July 20, 2023, 3:55 PM EDT By Dan De Luce

The Defense Department has no plans to stop covering the travel costs of female troops who seek abortions across state lines, despite protests from a Republican senator who has blocked hundreds of military promotions over the issue, Army Secretary Christine Wormuth said on Thursday. Full story here

Fact, sexual reproduction requires a male and female gamete. A gamete is a sex cell that has half of the normal DNA of a regular body cell. In males, the gametes are sperm and in females, the gametes are eggs.

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