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Cheerio UK for Women's Health Strategy

Women in the U.S. deserve the right to healthcare. In 2020, more than 12.6 million women and girls lack health insurance; being a woman raises the odds of being poor in America; and the wage gap for women overall narrowed to 83 cents. It has been disheartening to hear all the bad new of doctors leaving (brain drain) so called Red States. To know that statistically women and infants have lower mortality in those same states are especially glad our sisters in the U.K. are one step closer to getting the healthcare they deserve.

The U.K. announced their very first Women's Health Strategy was launched July 20, 2022. The United Kingdom is instead are working at closing their gender healthcare gap, unlike the United States who less than a month before took a giant step backwards. The health ministry in the U.K. set out some amazing goals for their country. Some key points of this initiative are as follows:

  • The Government will be listening more to women and improve women surrounding their health and wellbeing.

  • Improve training for General Practitioners, Doctors, and Medical Students that give a focus on women's health and wellbeing, that includes IVF inequality provisions.

  • They are going to start recognizing baby lose before 24 weeks of gestation. To help mothers with the trauma of child loss to help with women's wellbeing

  • The Government will be investing heavily into research funding into women's health and women need.

  • A large focus will be on what women need in the workplace to include, well being on menstrual cycles and menopause awareness in the workplace.

  • Women's Hubs will be a one stop shop for women's health and wellbeing. Women would have support for menstruation and menopause.

  • Support and better awareness about conditions such as Endometriosis.

We all deserve healthcare, but we don't all have acccess to it in the U.S. The U.K. does an amazing job of taking care of their citizens.

Cheerio to the U.K.!

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