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Caution: Misleading Claims Cause Harm

Women's Reproductive Health, Misleading Claims
Photo credit: Unsplash - Goh Rhy Yan

Isn't it amazing how people will fall for misinformation and smear campaigns against women and girls? Instead of looking up facts from credible sources, people want their biases fed.

Women and some of their healthcare needs have been demonized for over 20 years in a focused effort of well-funded and organized groups. These groups have done a smear campaign about women and their partners, who have to make the hardest decisions of their lives. Be very aware that pregnancies, those over 20 weeks, are more than likely planned pregnancies.

When you step into that sonogram and get the devastating news, no one wants or expects to hear. You are never the same. You are in a club no one wants to be a member of, and it's devastating enough without fanatical groups judging you. I've stood in an empty nursery after being told they can't find a heartbeat for my daughter. I've planned my firstborn's funeral. I can speak with authority that if you have never walked in the shoes of a mother with empty arms on her baby's due date, you don't get to judge her and her partner's decisions. I didn't have to make those difficult decisions; some mothers have to, but I can imagine how hard it would be to do so, and for those who must, my heart goes out to them, and so should yours. They deserve mercy and grace.

Let's end some of those strawman arguments once and for all - watch this informative piece by Jen Psaki, where she gets the facts straight!

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