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A woman's place is in the house and in the Senate.

it's not about blue or red - yet it is. #VoteBluein22

it's not about abortion -

it's about human rights. Dignity, respect, and justice for all. The Future is Feminist.

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Rochelle Brown

Impact & Action

In Tennessee go here to know where you vote.

Outside Tennessee go here.

I get it the term "Abortion" is polarizing for many. The truth is we are being used. It's marketing, plain and simple. People born female are being used for political gain. What is happening is an attack on gender.

These politicians lie using fictitious facts that abortion is being used as a sole means of birth control. This is not true. Abortion is a medical term.


The horrific reports, those we know of (so many we don't know about), have been televised, seen in a multitude of newspapers, tweeted, and shared on sites such as Reddit, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. These are not made-up stories these are stories of women being withheld proper healthcare due to life-threatening and devasting circumstances due to complications during pregnancy. We don't need uneducated persons policing the bodies of women. The right to privacy and educated qualified medical advice and actions between women and their health professional is what is mandatory and right.

I can't imagine any person that would condone the loss of a loved one in the event of an unviable pregnancy. Or those that would not support abortion in the event of this true rape case of a 10-year girl (raped at age 9). See pages of google search.

A CHILD or any other woman should not bear the physical and long-term mental abuse that this action would/does cause! You don't have to be a counselor, psychologist, or psychiatrist to understand that this act is so horrific and will cause trauma.

(REP)Tennessee lawmakers follow suit with a lack of care and forethought even when level-headed lawmakers URGE them to see the big picture and use empathy and compassion. Go to Tennessee General Assembly to review SB 1257 and HB 1029 you can watch a video as well. They are more concerned with cake.

"making up the story"

Sexual offending runs in families: A 37-year nationwide study FACTS.

Together we can make a difference. This shouldn't about politics or parties, and yet it is because we must vote for those that understand that women's health matters and we demand proper healthcare.

Statistics show that more people believe this, please vote in favor of those that don't feel #forcedbirth is the answer.

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